From brushstroke to byte, the human spirit reshapes the world through art, design, and technology.

Anthony Howard isn't just an artist; he's a storyteller, a technologist, and an educator, weaving these threads together to create a vibrant tapestry of creativity. Born in Philadelphia in 1974, Anthony's artistic journey began in the fertile ground of Philly, nurtured by a mother who recognized his early talent and encouraged him to explore the world of art.


From a young age, Anthony’s imagination took flight, crafting comic books and illustrations, inspired by the dynamic lines and vivid worlds conjured by Frank Miller and Arthur Adams. His fascination with technology blossomed in sixth grade, where he delved into the world of digital design, creating basic graphics and animations on the iconic Apple IIe.

As Anthony transitioned into high school and college, his artistic expression took a more tangible form. He began airbrushing t-shirts, capturing the spirit of Philadelphia on each colorful canvas. From classmates to fraternities and sororities, Anthony’s artistic vision adorned the apparel of many, and his entrepreneurial spirit began to bloom.

Fueled by a thirst for knowledge and a passion for art, Anthony embarked on his formal education at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. This hallowed space became a crucible, where his artistic talents blossomed under the guidance of experienced mentors. His love for illustration deepened, and he began to explore new mediums and techniques.

The late 90s to early 2000s witnessed Anthony’s entrance into the digital realm. Discovering Macromedia Director and the revolutionary “Flash,” he embarked on a new creative adventure. His innate storytelling ability found a new outlet, crafting captivating short animations that propelled him to Cornell University, where he happily developed Flash interactive games and animations.

Anthony’s journey continued at Lorel Marketing, where his artistic vision found its way into national and local campaigns. From interactive websites for iconic brands like Rita’s Water Ice and King of Prussia Mall to collaborations with Mural Arts Philadelphia, Anthony’s touch brought these projects to life.

His collaborative spirit led him to Agency M, where he worked on projects for Comcast/Xfinity, including the rollout of their Home Security offering. His ability to translate complex concepts into engaging visuals cemented his reputation as a talented and versatile artist.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Anthony has a deep commitment to sharing his passion with the next generation. He founded Creative Tech Works, an educational initiative that empowered young minds to explore the exciting world of graphic arts. His dedication to educational outreach continued with FRSHWV Teen Tech and Music Festival, providing a platform for young talent to showcase their creativity.

Throughout his journey, Anthony has never forgotten his love for storytelling and illustration. His graphic novel, “Hopalong Camanshii,” is a testament to his artistic vision and storytelling prowess. This vibrant work transports readers to a world where art and technology collide, showcasing Anthony’s unique ability to weave captivating narratives.

Anthony Howard is more than just an artist; he’s a creative force, a storyteller, and an educator. He’s a bridge between art and technology, using both to create experiences that inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impression. With his passion, dedication, and unwavering talent, Anthony Howard’s story is far from over. His journey continues, leaving a trail of creativity and wonder in its wake.